I’m Uriah. A long distance hiker, outdoor enthusiast, father, and traveler leading a simplistic lifestyle. I grew up in Maine with an overwhelming feeling of wanderlust. My feet have taken me to many of places, and by using them it has allowed me to spend more time learning the cultures and well lived lifestyles of others opposed to seeing the more common tourist attractions. While fine tuning my passion of long distance hiking, paired with a stubborn and independant attitude, I have made many of my own experiences. Most of which went the wrong way, before they ever went the right way.  My ultimate goal is to pass down knowledge that has come from trial and error in regards to the great outdoors. To share with you, from experience, my learning curves, mistakes, knowledge, and understandings that have come from stepping out into the wilderness…. all while sticking true to my “Maine-ah” ways, in hopes that you will take from me just one thing and pass it down. Even if that one thing is a “Mainer-rism”. -Cheers


  1. Tara Michaud · May 16, 2017

    I stumbled upon this today… and it made me smile a lot. Miss you!


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