Calling all Barefooter’s

Hey guys! So as most of you know, a handful of years ago i started into a barefoot transition. Less my time in my office I generally try and go pretty close to barefoot all of the time. Time ago i found XEROSHOES which really expedited my transition and since, I have accumulated several pairs. As a long distance hiker, runner, and all around outdoor enthusiast, I assure you these things are great. Understandably its quite foreign to most not to lace up a big pair of hiking boots to hit the mountain, or to throw on some trailrunners for the day hike. For me, i try and leave the house with as little as possible. All i am saying is you gotta check them out! Here is a link!

Seriously though, from a night on the town, to the AT, to something covering the bottom of your feet while you swim… you will love these. You can even make your own pair if you feel like!

As always… how am I committed? With every purchase, 10% of proceeds go to support the Tarahumara Children’s Hospital. If you dont know about the Tarahumara, its pretty intriguing to research their every day life. From running hudnreds of miles at a time to the nearest town to their true minimalism, they are a breed on their own. Sadly a very dying breed. Lets help where we can guys! To someone who has nothing, something is everything!

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