Need Hammocks?

Guys, this is totally a sales pitch. Yet, its not really a good one cause im telling you it is a sales pitch. So hear me out real quick.

This year has been HUGE for me. My backpacking sponsorships and affiliate programs have increased ten fold! Im just going to be honest with you… im trying to increase my instagram exposure (@uriahhon) and get friggin rich as hell, all while i push the very things im passionate about. So im not going to tell you what denier this shit is. I am not going to flash some fancy warranty or cool creature features at you. What i am going to do… is give you 40% off the website. Just like the #EATLIKENOMAD post i put up… this is pretty simple. I love their food, they give me a good deal on their food, i help feed people. Well, I love hammocks, they give me a good deal on hammocks, so i give YOU a good deal on a hammock. Use it or don’t, its ok, unfortunately i have a real day job to keep me going… BUT .. if you like the outdoors, saving weight, camping, and just plain ol’ being lazy… use this :



REAL TALK: truth is im not passionate about hammocks. I am however passionate about backpacking and helping people. So here is my real sales pitch. With every purchase of a hammock they plant two trees in africa. They also provide the knowledge to the farmers to sustain these fruit and nut trees. So you really are helping. Or just go buy a tree for a dollar. You dont get 40% off that i dont think, but who cares its a dollar and you are doing a good thing. At least do me a favor and go read about their mission… because their mission is what im passionate about!

and buy something. Cheers yall


And here is a photo i took because i love you guys. and i love taking pictures


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