Hey everyone! Im sorry, I have been ridiculously busy this summer. I know i know its no excuse for not having published anything for MONTHS, but here are my list of excuses. Below you will find a link to a story the ADK TOURISM FORM published about where I have been all spring. It is a three part story for the #ThruHikeThursday social media takeover. In lieu of this hike i ruptured both Achilles and got some pretty good frostbite. While healing I tore my hamstring! My sponsorship commitment has grown and I have been really focusing on my instagram! Check it out @uriahhon! Otherwise, my girlfriend has been healing an acl injury and my daughter is going full fledged with her sports involvement. So, now enough of the excuses. Here is the link!


Also, as most of you know, I have several sponsorship’s. Again, sorry for being missing, so here is a link and a discount code to some of those! If you are hungry, need shoes, or want to kick back in a hammock, these should help!

Shoes: https://xeroshoes.com/go/Mainerrisms

Hammock: U3MH40 (Use at maderaoutdoor.com for 40% off)

Food: URIAH10 (use at nomadnutrition.co for 10% of backpacking ready meals!)

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