How does it all end?

Hey Yall! If you have been following along, first off, thank you so much. Sharing my passions with you has been amazing and what a journey it is! So the time has come sadly, but its over. If you have been following along, you already know, i failed! IF failure is determined by the end point of course. In the end though, we won. If you want to know WHY i go hiking and WHY i might subject myself to my own ignorance time after time, part three is for you. Thanks again for joining me in this journey. Happy Trails – Cheers


Calling all Barefooter’s

Hey guys! So as most of you know, a handful of years ago i started into a barefoot transition. Less my time in my office I generally try and go pretty close to barefoot all of the time. Time ago i found XEROSHOES which really expedited my transition and since, I have accumulated several pairs. As a long distance hiker, runner, and all around outdoor enthusiast, I assure you these things are great. Understandably its quite foreign to most not to lace up a big pair of hiking boots to hit the mountain, or to throw on some trailrunners for the day hike. For me, i try and leave the house with as little as possible. All i am saying is you gotta check them out! Here is a link!

Seriously though, from a night on the town, to the AT, to something covering the bottom of your feet while you swim… you will love these. You can even make your own pair if you feel like!

As always… how am I committed? With every purchase, 10% of proceeds go to support the Tarahumara Children’s Hospital. If you dont know about the Tarahumara, its pretty intriguing to research their every day life. From running hudnreds of miles at a time to the nearest town to their true minimalism, they are a breed on their own. Sadly a very dying breed. Lets help where we can guys! To someone who has nothing, something is everything!

Whats that? You wanted part 2?

Well here it is folks! Hopefully you are following along as the Adirondack Tourism Form ( chronicles my “spring” hike. Following in suit for #THRUHIKETHURSDAY, part 2 just came out? Want to know how Dustin, now known as Hot Socks, got his name? Or maybe you want to know why ive been limping since May? The answers are in there! Thank you all for your love, i appreciate you all so much! So without further a due… <- is that how you say that?

Need Hammocks?

Guys, this is totally a sales pitch. Yet, its not really a good one cause im telling you it is a sales pitch. So hear me out real quick.

This year has been HUGE for me. My backpacking sponsorships and affiliate programs have increased ten fold! Im just going to be honest with you… im trying to increase my instagram exposure (@uriahhon) and get friggin rich as hell, all while i push the very things im passionate about. So im not going to tell you what denier this shit is. I am not going to flash some fancy warranty or cool creature features at you. What i am going to do… is give you 40% off the website. Just like the #EATLIKENOMAD post i put up… this is pretty simple. I love their food, they give me a good deal on their food, i help feed people. Well, I love hammocks, they give me a good deal on hammocks, so i give YOU a good deal on a hammock. Use it or don’t, its ok, unfortunately i have a real day job to keep me going… BUT .. if you like the outdoors, saving weight, camping, and just plain ol’ being lazy… use this :



REAL TALK: truth is im not passionate about hammocks. I am however passionate about backpacking and helping people. So here is my real sales pitch. With every purchase of a hammock they plant two trees in africa. They also provide the knowledge to the farmers to sustain these fruit and nut trees. So you really are helping. Or just go buy a tree for a dollar. You dont get 40% off that i dont think, but who cares its a dollar and you are doing a good thing. At least do me a favor and go read about their mission… because their mission is what im passionate about!

and buy something. Cheers yall


And here is a photo i took because i love you guys. and i love taking pictures



Here is a quick follow up to my instagram @uriahhon. If you like free shit, head on over to my instagram page. No gimmicks… I am personally giving away a prize package valued at over $200 simply because I love the outdoors and my hiking career has allowed me to do so. The rules are simple! Like my instagram, like the post about the giveaway and tag a friend. The winner will be chosen Sept. 1 at random and thats it! If you win, enjoy prizes which include a free backpacking hammock, a $50 giftcard to an outdoor retailer, products from several of my sponsors, and tons of appreciation from me! Happy Trails!


Hey everyone! Im sorry, I have been ridiculously busy this summer. I know i know its no excuse for not having published anything for MONTHS, but here are my list of excuses. Below you will find a link to a story the ADK TOURISM FORM published about where I have been all spring. It is a three part story for the #ThruHikeThursday social media takeover. In lieu of this hike i ruptured both Achilles and got some pretty good frostbite. While healing I tore my hamstring! My sponsorship commitment has grown and I have been really focusing on my instagram! Check it out @uriahhon! Otherwise, my girlfriend has been healing an acl injury and my daughter is going full fledged with her sports involvement. So, now enough of the excuses. Here is the link!

Also, as most of you know, I have several sponsorship’s. Again, sorry for being missing, so here is a link and a discount code to some of those! If you are hungry, need shoes, or want to kick back in a hammock, these should help!


Hammock: U3MH40 (Use at for 40% off)

Food: URIAH10 (use at for 10% of backpacking ready meals!)