If you have spent anytime in Maine, you realize a few things. The mosquito’s are wretched, flannel is over used, and we have our own way with words. Well just for the record… you never get used to the mosquito’s. You will in fact probably own some flannel or plaid wool if you stay long enough…. and our way with words …. well… its ours.

This one reminds me of a gentleman I have known for years.. I will call him S for sake of the story. ┬áHe is what we call a “downeaster”. A “downeaster” likely has a simpler way of life. Fulfilled with hard work, good people, and a plethora of made up words. As made up as they are, they get around. S, well I personally know him through business… however he is one you will hear of because all he literally says is “AYUT”. Good, bad or indifferent, you can expect him to answer with a monotone and a cold face… “AYUT”. I guess my point here… by its interpretation, it would likely be understood as a “yes”. I figure, yup, yes, yut… ayut… they all seem the same. That was until I met S.

“Hey S, you won the megabucks!” S- “ayut.”

“Hey S, your dog got ran over today.” S- “ayut.”.

Honestly I am not 100% that he knows any other words… I cannot honestly say I have heard him say any. S, however, changed my definition of this one. So what is “ayut.”

“Ayut” is simply an acknowledgement. As good as saying ” I heard you ” . Maybe it is a passive way to avoid unnecessary conversation. Maybe it provides time for thought and/or understanding of the situation. Maybe what you are saying has no interest to who you are saying it to. Now normally “ayut” would in fact imply a yes of sorts…. but like I mentioned, that was until I met S.

The bright sides? If you get lost in a conversation, space out a bit, or have no interest in what the other person is saying… if you answer with “ayut” you are probably in the clear. Just don’t nod your head when you do to lean its implication one way or another.

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