Willie Wags

You know those nights… you have had a long day, your best friend is on the phone hounding you to go out and your body is tired but your brain is wide awake? You have seen far to many people, your feet hurt and you just want to get away from it all? Well on those nights… I might like to go for a drive. Just get in the ol’ cah’ and head for an open road. Well, truth be told, I don’t always know where I am going. Eventually, I find mind myself in……The Willie Wags. Waaaayyyy out the middle of nowhere, where the road really doesn’t go. The crows fly over head like vultures in the desert sun just waiting to make their move on you. The pine branches scrape the side of your car and your belly pan digs through the dirt making room for your exhaust. You ain’t seen a house for 15 miles and your cell phone went out of service more than that ago. THAT is the Willie Wags. As a matter of fact, that is where I prefer to spend my time. You could spend a week in the Willie Wags and never see another soul. Drinking water from the creek bed. Foraging berries in untouched bushes. Heck you can do whatever you want in the Willie Wags cause don’t noone go there that’s for sure.

Back when I was in highschool, that was the place to go. Way out into the Willie Wags. Couldn’t nobody hear ya out theyah’ bub. You could pahty’ up a storm until sunrise if you wanted, nobody would care. The Willie Wags is known by a whole bunch of names. Not many of which are all too appropriate.

East bumf**k – Willie Wacks – Sticks-Boondocks….

Regardless of what you call it, it is way out in the middle of nowhere. We have a saying here in Maine. “Ya can’t get theyah’ from heyah’.”